Duplicating BandBro'

Generating duplicates of your BandBro' application enables you to dedicate BandBro' to specific bands. Multiple copies can be opened simultaneously. From each copy you can display a custom band name on the title bar by going to Utilities-->Set band name
from the main menu.  Note: This option is available on version 8.0.1 and later.

Windows   Mac OSX instructions here
From the main menu go to Utilities-->Duplicate BandBro'.  The process is straight forward and instructions are on the dialog, itself.  Simply check the duplication path box, enter an application title and click execute.  Once a duplicate program has been generated, the path checkbox will be grayed out to prevent overwriting. However, the application title bar value may be edited at any time. All duplicates share the same activation code as the master BandBro' install. When you purchase full activation, you will probably need to unzip or extract the file to each folder individually. Simply edit the destination path on the extractor dialog.  

Simultaneous Viewing -
To open multiple copies at the same time, the master BandBro' must be opened first.

Sync Activation - This pushbutton will copy the activation file from the master copy of BandBro' to BandBro2 and BandBro3, if they exist. This has the same effect as extracting the activation file to each BandBro copy individually.  The pushbutton will be disabled if the master copy has not been activated.


BandBro' Drive C: folder layout

All BandBro' data folders reside on root drive C. Bandbro2 & Bandbro3 may be safely deleted if you need to start over and re-create them. Take care not to delete the C:\Bandbro master folder.

Application Skin Color
To minimize confusion, the newly generated Bandbro copies will each display a different skin color as well as opening in a slightly different screen offset position. To select a different color go to View-->Display from current program copy.  Depending on your system monitor, the colors can vary. If it is difficult to discern between certain colors, try slightly lowering the brightness of your monitor. 

Icon Colors
The default startup icon colors for the program copies are blue and red. Several additional icon colors are available in the copy's root folder. For example, if you want to try a different icon for the Bandbro2 copy, right click on the desktop startup shortcut, click Change icon... and browse to C:\Bandbro2. From there you can select another "BB" icon. Note that the green icon for the 'master' Bandbro' can not be changed.

Available colors

Installing on a partitioned or second hard drive (Windows only)
The default drive installation to drive C: is highly recommended as it makes Bandbro's duplication process a one-click affair. However, a drive other than the default drive C: may be specified during the installation. When duplicating BandBro' residing on a drive other than C, custom bat files are created on-the-fly and copied to the desktop as Bandbro2.bat and Bandbro3.bat. These files will launch the duplicated Bandbro but require passing through an extra dialog click before the program opens. This makes the process rather klunky. In addition, the desktop .bat files do not support custom icons. Using the Bandbro2 folder as the example,
following is a step-wise solution:  
1. After duplicating Bandbro', delete the Bandbro2.bat file from your desktop        
2. From the file explorer, open the drive where Bandbro' is installed
3. Open the Bandbro2 folder. Locate and right click on the Bandbro2.bat
4. From the resulting menu, select: Send to...-->Desktop (create shortcut)
5. Right click on the newly created Bandbro2 desktop shortcut. Select Properties-->Change icon and browse to the Bandbro2 folder again.
6. Choose an icon and double click to select.

On a Mac, each copy of BandBro' runs in it's own separate and protected environment. Unlike Windows, there will be no Bandbro2 or Bandbro3 folders. Activation and updates are unzipped to the master C:\Bandbro for each copy of the program. Below are step-wise duplication instructions. It's easy!

Step 1 - From the Finder go to Applications

Step 2 - Right click on BandBro' and select Duplicate from the menu

Step 3 - A copy of BandBro' will be created.
Right click on it - if you want to rename it

The BandBro' (or renamed) copy will appear on the Launchpad
along with the original master Bandbro' icon

The icon color cannot be changed in the OSX version. However, the individual skin color and application title text (Utilities-->Set Band Name) can be changed from BandBro'.