Activating & Updating BandBro'


To get the activation code, just follow the instructions on the "nag" dialog that appears when opening the program. Or select
Help-->Activate from the main menu.  When placing the order, paste the activation code into the <Your Activation Code> field or email it separately to

Within 24 hours of placing your order and submitting your activation code, you will receive an email link to the license key in an easy to run executable file.

Select Help->Check for updates. If you find you need to update, save it to your Downloads folder and follow the instructions below.

Update/Activation Installation         (Mac OSX Click Here)
The following zip extraction instructions apply to both updates and activation. Screen captures may vary in appearance depending on your settings. The following illustration uses update as the example. Again, the license activation is extracted using the same method.


1.  From the download folder, right click on the desired file and
select <Extract All...> from the menu

2.  Select the <Browse...> pushbutton from the resulting dialog

3.  Browse to drive C, click once on the BandBro folder and click <Select Folder>

4.  On the next dialog, click the Extract pushbutton to execute
Select <ReplaceAll> when prompted

MAC OSX  Update/Activation Installation
If running Bandbro' on a Mac you will update and activate from an .EXE file - which is actually quite simple

Download normally. Open Bandbro' and select Help--> Install update. This should open a file browser pointing to the Downloads folder. Locate the update (BBupdxxx.exe) or Activation EXE and double click it to open. Click the <Unzip> pushbutton. Close all and restart Bandbro'.   

Activating an expired trial version on a Mac
From the Finder, open the download folder, right click on the activation or update EXE and select Open with... > Other.... From the subsequent application list, double click on the BandBro' application or copy thereof. After an interval, the extractor will open. Select <Unzip> and close. An update or activation will need to be applied for every copy of Bandbro.  

Once you successfully apply and update or activation, it is wise to delete the file from the download - to prevent a future mishap.

Extractor Dialog