Display Options

Bandbro' offers display options that help make set list management easier. Access these options by selecting
View-->Display options from the main menu on either the Set List or Song Inventory page. 


Checkbox Definitions


Color coding - Checking this box will activate song color for the associated dataview. If no color has been assigned, the song will display in the standard black font color. When unchecked, all songs will display in black regardless of their color assignment. 


Bold Font - Check this box to display the song titles in bold typeface. This function may prove useful when viewing on a small screen. Alternatively, maximizing the application frame and the BandBro' window can also improve readability. Note, that while the bold typeface improves readability it also increases incidents of text truncation. 


Follow Cursor - When this box is checked the record highlight will follow the mouse cursor as it moves around the screen. This is strictly an aesthetic feature which has become popular in modern applications. The Song Inventory is most affected by this feature. With follow-cursor turned on, songs in the inventory cannot be edited, deleted by pushbutton. Instead, you must right click on the target song and select from the resulting menu. When the feature is turned off, the pushbuttons behave normally.  


Hide Key, Hide Style - Checking these boxes will render their respective Song Pool fields as invisible. Since long titles can overlap the song key and style fields, checking one or both of these boxes will hide their respective fields providing a less cluttered look. 

Touch screen friendly  - This checkbox reveals the Auto scroll hotspots found at the bottom and top of the Song Pool and Song Inventory objects. This tool is intended for tablet users where manipulating the side scroll bars can be quite tedious. Drag or tap your finger tip over the Auto Scroll text and the scrolling will comence. Tap again, to stop it. Note the pool or inventory object must be active for auto scroll to work. 

Skin Color - Scroll to or click on a color, mouse over PreView color for full skin sample. To utilize the color, double click the desired color object or click the SAVE pushbutton.