Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the program hang when printing and I select a different printer from the print dialog? 

A.  This has been known to occur with certain systems, particularly when selecting a printer over a network.
Note: If the Bandbro' printer dialog hangs, do not do a hard restart. Instead, right click on the task bar, select Task Manager. Click on PFW Runtime Desktop and then click End Task.

Here are a couple of options:

With Bandbro' closed, select the printer you need as the Windows default.

Setup up the WiFi connection on your printer and select it from the the Bandbro' printer dialog. This seems to work very well.

Help! I can't manipulate the song positions in the set list objects. 

A. The set list is locked. Click to Lock icon located above the Title / Venue field to unlock.


Q. Tapping 5,6 to scroll hidden song titles has no effect.

A.  Make sure the set object is currently active. Simply tap or click on one of the songs in the set object to activate. Note: If using a keyboard, you can use the UP/DOWN arrows keys to scroll the song titles, as well.


Q. The record highlights are jumping around and following the cursor. How do I fix this? 

A. The Follow-cursor function is turned on. Turn it off by going to View-->Display options and unchecking the follow cursor checkbox for the associated object.


Q. How do I get the song color to work? 

A. First, you must edit the song and assign a color from the Color code pick menu. Then go to main menu View-->Display options and check the boxes labeled Color coding, Alternatively, song color can be assigned to songs in bulk quantity using the Search & Replace dialog.


Q. How can I avoid blank set list pages when printing?

A. This occurs when printing a 1-set-per-page report style containing less than four sets. Empty sets will print as semi-blank pages. The solution is to set the page range on the printer dialog to exclude empty sets. If printing a list containing 2 sets worth the music, you would click the PAGE RANGE radio button and type 1 and 2 in the range fields.  If printing large sets or including extra songs in the footer area of the report, you can use the on-screen preview to count the number of pages required. Use PgUp and PgDn keys to navigate between the pages.


Q. When printing a calendar to pdf, it reproduces incorrectly.  

A. This is a documented issue with some systems. The solution is simple. Just print the calendar a second time and it should come out correct. There seems to be an initialization issue with the pdf writer and we are working to find a solution. Click here for more information on PDF output.


Q.  Some of the pick lists on the song entry form have only one or two items. 

A. That is because these pick lists are dynamically populated.  Once you enter a new item, it becomes an  available pick list selection the next time around. To add an item simply select (new) from the list and type in the value.  


The tempo dropdown list starts with some basic choices: slow, medium and fast. You may want to add more descriptive values such as medium slow, medium fast, etc. Again, just select (new) from the pick list and enter the new value.  You might even use BPM (beats per minute).


Q. When I select the style filter pushbutton, the resulting menu, shows only one or two choices.  

A. That is because no data has been entered in the Style field of the song's record. Other filter menus will behave in the same way until ample song data has been entered into the system. To take advantage of filters, a song record must contain field values so they can be filtered. 


Note: The Style field dropdown list has an item labeled (MORE). Select this item to open a menu and select from 140 industry standard styles. This menu can also be activated by double clicking on the style field. 


Q. On the Song Inventory notebook tab I see the artist field but not the album field. How do I view the album field? 

A. Just hover the mouse over the artist field and the status text on the bottom the application frame will display the artist and album. 


Q. How do I delete a set list?

A. The set list deletion function is not so obvious. From the Set List note tab page, select the <open> pushbutton to view a list of existing set lists. Locate the set title that you want to delete and click the delete pushbutton.