Printing in Bandbro'

We recommend a direct hard wire connection to your printer, or better yet -- connecting to your printer via WiFi. WiFi printing is amazingly fast and trouble free.

Printer Sharing

Or rare occasions, Bandbro' has been known to shut down unexpectedly when attempting to print through a hard wired network and the printer you are trying to access is not selected as the Windows default. Following are some solutions to try.

1. With Bandbro closed, set the desired printer as the Windows default printer.
2. Connect the printer directly to your computer.

3. Activate the WiFi on your printer. This method is highly recommended.

Note: If the Bandbro' printer dialog hangs, do not do a hard restart. Instead, right click on the task bar, select Task Manager. Click on PFW Runtime Desktop and then click End Task.

PDF Output

Printing to a pdf can prove useful in band situations. A set list can be generated, printed to pdf and distributed to the band members over email or internet.

A free pdf writer that works well can be downloaded at This printer driver will prompt you to rename the file and choose it's location. Note: Windows 10 has a PDF driver preinstalled.

El Capitan can generate pdf files but not through a printer driver. To print pdf files from Bandbro' you will need to install PDFwriter for Mac by Lisanet.
Installation does require an extra step beyond the instructions - "Lisanet PDFwriter" does not automatically appear as the printer software, so you have to select the driver manually when you are setting up the new printer. Click on Use: Generic PostScript Printer, in that dropdown menu choose "Other..." and navigate to the PDFwriter.ppd file in /Library/Printers/Lisanet/PDFwriter/PDFwriter.ppd and double click it. Then select the <Add> pushbutton on the printer add dialog and close.

Pdf files generated with the Lisanet PDFwriter are not renamed and are saved in /Users/Shared/Username/PDFwriter. Creating a desktop alias of this folder will simplfy management of these files.

Incorrect PDF Output

Certain documents such as the grid calendar may print to pdf incorrectly on the initial printing. The easiest solution is to simply reprint the calendar a second time and it should output correctly. Subsequent printings during the program session should print normally - first time. This appears to be a PDF initialization issue and we are working to find a solution.

PDF Word wrap Issues

Text wrap behavior for an on-screen report may differ from how the text is handled in pdf. Text that appears okay on the report may be truncated on the PDF version. This can occur if the text is particularly tight within calendar grid object when viewed as an on-screen report. The solution is to be succinct with your text content and to carefully review the pdf before distributing.

Appearances - Report Preview vs. PDF

The on-screen report previews may appear rather crude in terms of how detail is rendered. However, the printed version will look fine on both paper and in PDF.